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Mar 14, 2011 10:30pm PDT
of the great new year food. it brought us together but it was also an opportunity to share our culture with others, bring more unity among all of our communities. half the lunar new year to everyone and let's unite our communities together. thank you. [applause] >> good evening, my name is carmen chu. i will keep my message brief. i want to wish everyone a happy lunar new year. again, this is a time that is important to many of merit -- asian-american families because of the importance of bringing together family. i think we can all replicate this, the matter what community we live in. so i want to say happy new year. [speaking chinese] [applause] >> good evening. [speaking korean] in the new year, may have much good luck and fortune. new year's was a time for my family to get together and build community but also to reflect on the previous year, what challenges lie ahead of us. today at the board of supervisors, we recognized black history month. for me, that is always a reflection of the work of people that have come before us so that we can be where we are today. as asian americans,
Mar 12, 2011 11:30pm PST
thank you, general counsel, for spending some time with us. he is here every year with us. now this year we have not only mayor edwin lee, as an historical time in san francisco. we have four asian-american members of the board of supervisors with us. as a representative of district 3, i could not be more happy to introduce my district supervisor, the president of the board, supervisor david chiu. [applause] >> good evening, everyone. it is an honor to be with you tonight. i want to wish everyone a happy year of the rabbit. unless you are vietnamese, in which case, i was a very happy year of the cat. after 160 years, this year is truly history. i am honored to serve with you, not just with the diversity that our board of supervisors represents -- and i want to thank ross mirkarimi, david campos, and malia cohen who are here with us today -- but it is an honor to serve with three other asian-american supervisors. we finally reflect the population statistics that we have here in san francisco. more importantly, it was an incredible honor earlier this year to take part in an histo
Mar 18, 2011 4:30pm PDT
and build community but also to reflect on the previous year, what challenges lie ahead of us. today at the board of supervisors, we recognized black history month. for me, that is always a reflection of the work of people that have come before us so that we can be where we are today. as asian americans, we think and appreciate the work of african- americans in advancing our civil-rights as asian-americans in this country. as we look toward the new year, i think we can say that the asian-american community has come far in san francisco since we first started immigrating here in the 1950's, and there were many challenges for our community, beginning with the first exclusion act, immigration and for men and women that came for san francisco, to labor issues, and also segregation that we faced. and that was then brought forward as a court case to look at what it means to be equal but separate in our public schools. there is much work we have done here, and now we see we have our first asian-american mayor, the first time we have seen four asian american sitting on the board of superviso
Mar 30, 2011 2:30pm PDT
, and malia cohen who are here with us today -- but it is an honor to serve with three other asian-american supervisors. we finally reflect the population statistics that we have here in san francisco. more importantly, it was an incredible honor earlier this year to take part in an historic, unanimous vote for the first time in our city's history to have an elected leader at the top of galt mountain, our first chinese- american mayor, edwin lee. [applause] as i look out onto the audience and i see who we all represent, i see our chinese a brother and sisters, our japanese and korean on and on calls, our cousins from the filipino community, the vietnamese community, the cambodian community, thai community, burmese community. i want to thank you all for making up the diaspora of our diverse community. and i want to thank those of you who are not asian on the outside but our asian on the inside. [applause] thank you for being part of the richness of who we are common here in san francisco. and i want to thank all of you who are the community leaders of this wonderful city that was fo
Mar 2, 2011 2:38pm PST
not only of our communities, but of many communities that have fought for us to be here today. again, happy new year. thank you for being here and joining in on the celebration. [applause] >> thank you, supervisors. assessor phil ting plays a crucial role in our city. his office is responsible for calling on all of us to pay our property taxes. maybe not so popular, but we like him. [laughter] his office makes sure that the revenue is here for the city budget. without further ado, please welcome city assessor phil ting. >> thank you. i am usually not popular with everyone else, but with other city officials, i am very popular. come budget time, they come calling. welcome to city hall. happy new year, everybody. it is an honor to see all of you here. it is a reminder for all of us as public servants that we are here to serve you. the day we opened city hall to all of you -- it is quite an honor to see all of you here celebrating with us. it is a reminder of how we have to constantly keep city hall opened, not just for the folks that have access, but for those that do not. it has been a strug
Mar 22, 2011 11:00am EDT
problems. rebels rescued the weapons officer and turned him over to the united states. now, a u.s. team also picked up the pilot. he is now aboard the uss kearsergeant in the mediterranean. we'll have a live report shortly. >>> moammar gadhafi's ground forces are coming down hard on misrata right now. this amateur video appears to show a mortar shell that is landing near civilians. an opposition spokesman tells cnn the city will fall within hours unless the coalition helps. >> the carnage is too much to bear. this is the fifth day of shelling and destruction and carnage. we already have 77 deaths and we have a countless number of injuries and almost the whole center of the city now is unsafe because of snipers. we haven't seen international strikes since the first day of strikes and we are in urgent need of help quarterback otherwise misrata will be overrun tonight. >> before and after satellite photoses confirm that a mosque in zawiya will be destroyed. the mosque served as a command center for the resistance during the time they controlled zahyiya. >>> a spoke woman says one of three
Mar 21, 2011 11:00am EDT
. they have rapidly changing story that is impact us here at home as well as abroad. the latest on the air strikes against libya and the setback on the power plant in japan. that's next on cnn news room. >>> i want to get you up to speed. the united states carried out a new round of air strikes on libyan military targets overnight. a spokesman suggests u.s. combat operations may have peaked. the u.s. role is in the no-fly zone. it's moving from action to patrolling phase today. libyan handlers took journalists to see damage inside gadhafi's compound. that happened earlier today. a possible missile wrecked a four-story building. gadhafi was not the target. >>> defense secretary robert gates arrived in russia today as that country's prime minister turned up the heat. putin ripped the united states for what he called a steady trend of intervention abroad. >> we expected in a matter of days to be able to turn over the primary responsibility to others. we will continue to support the coalition and be a member of the coalition and have a military role in the coalition. >> arab league president i
Mar 20, 2011 7:00pm EDT
with a mind all its own. "criminal minds: suspect behavior" wednesday, only cbs. 95-59. and as they used to say in catholic school ball, ohio state five points away from busting the clock. allen. nice play. byron allen off the bench with six points all in the second half. [whistle] and a foul up top. the three-point shot has been the story. len: it certainly has. in an attempt to keep jared sullinger out of the game, good ball movement, defense without it. defense kind of sagging. opened up the opportunity for the buckeyes to knock down some threes. and boy, have they done just that. gus: and the tournament record, john goldsberry was 8-8 in 2003 in the ncaa tournament. david lighty may have been able to go after that record, 7-7, but he's been on the bench for quite some time now. len: i suspect there's only one record that they're going after, and that's to get themselves etched into the annals of national champions. gus: 1960, ohio stite winning the national championship. john havlicek, jerry lucas, bob knight on that team. and jump shot going down for rashad whack. his first basket,
Mar 21, 2011 10:00am EDT
? >>> there is word that moammar gadhafi wants to trick journalists that innocent civilians have been killed. u.s. officials say that gadhafi was not the target of a missile. he wants bodies removed from morgues and put at the site of the bombing to make it look like innocent people were killed. military officials say they have made significant progress. they believe the attacks against his own people have all but stopped and air defense batteries have been destroyed. on air force one, secretary robert gates says the united states will not be leading the charge for long. >> we expected in a matter of days to be able to turn over the primary responsibility to others. we will continue to support the coalition. we will be a member of the coalition and have a military role in the coalition but not the preeminent role. >> jim is joining us live from tr tripoli. what are we hearing about these plans that moammar gadhafi -- what is happening with these bodies? >> reporter: right. the plan to move these bodies from morgue into bomb sites and then bring foreign journalists like us to report on that beefed
Mar 28, 2011 4:30am EDT
for joining us. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will get to meteorologist steve rudin. it is cold out there. >> it is. we have the potential for even more winter weather as we move through the workweek and school week until. 33 at dulles airport 32 in winchester, 28 in cumberland. look at the bottom of your screen. area of low pressure will remain to the south of us today. that will bring confuse sprinkles to fredericksburg in the early morning. not going to amount to noa lot. there could be winter weather tomorrow night. highs today in the low 50's. >>> clearing overnight construction. prince george's county near pennsylvania avenue. and on the beltway at john hanson highway. that is gone. normal on 95 between fredericksburg and baltimore. a good ride between leesburg and tysons on the dulles greenway and the dulles toll road. 270 southbound looks like this, and running smoothly. now to a news. >>> investigators are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a pizza delivery driver. this happened around 8:30 last nig
Mar 21, 2011 5:30pm PDT
have been using grant avenue, all the way through north beach, from california, across broadway, so we will have more details about that, but we do not have a date announced for that. we are working out the details, and we will listen carefully to all of the needs and concerns of our merchants along the area, residents, to make sure it is successful. the nice part of sunday streets -- it is not just the physical closing of the streets. it is really the way we work with all elements of our community to make sure we bring out things that are great for kids, for families, and the merchants will have an opportunity to read prioritize the way they welcome their traditional visitors and buyers. we are not selling this as another street fair, if you will. it is very different. its emphasis will be on the use of the streets and the use of our alleyways, particularly in chinatown, and how they can be opened up for different, creative uses. we will be creatively working with our school districts, with our public health departments, our social service departments, and rethinking how we can use th
Mar 29, 2011 7:00am PDT
the nation. saying u.s. role in attacking moammar gadhafi forces is limited, but necessary. >> i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter in mass graves before taking action. >> gadhafi is still clinging to power and many question whether the u.s. and its allies are doing enough to push him out. we will talk with tu.s. baee ambassador to the u.n. and john mccain. >>> the snake hunt. the venomous cobra that escaped from the bronx zoo remains on loose this morning creating a media frenzy and inspiring a legion of twitter followers "early" this tuesday morning, march 29th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good tuesday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm chris wragge. welcome back to the country. the time zone, the program. >> nice to be back sitting next to you, chris. >>> things were busy while i was away. >>> more on the president speech's last night and that ongoing battle for libya. this morning, rebel forces are macing more resistance from gadhafi militias. a state department diplomat is going to benghazi and meet with rebel leaders for the first time. in the meantime, secretary of st
Mar 21, 2011 5:00pm PDT
into the bay from these barges in the water. rob fladeboe takes us at this reservoir why he cannot hold another crop. >>reporter: this is what happens when was of wires, cannot hold another-water drop. and one water or reservoirs, get killed. hence, spill away. but you are looking at, is one the get-filled. a concrete viaduct that diverts water around into this creek below. it is doing exactly what is going designed to do, this section of the santa cruz mountains received 4.72 in. of rain fall cents friday. more than enough to take this reservoir from capacity and then some. this provides drinking water to the community of gilroy and also farmers, ranchers and a southern except santa clara county. most of this will go into the water table into the ground and others could find its way into the river and monterey bay. officials said the this reservoir, near gilroy will continue to spill over for at least another one week. in the mountains near gilroy, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >>pam: major problems at yosemite national park. all roads and have been closed. that snowfall was causing mud slides, t
Mar 18, 2011 11:00pm EDT
mechanism to put any type of price caps on this. >> but they're used to be price caps when the price went up and -- no, so how we protect the government interest in this oil and gas they owned? >> these are leasing questions and i am sorry to say that i'm going to ask -- >> rm your pay. >> i am not thoroughly familiar with these issues but hearing you describe it and hearing the magnitude of the dollar's it's a serious problem, and i will learn more about it and get back to you with answers. >> i don't want to give up at this point, you need to get back to us because this isn't going away. >> by understand. deval law that they put in effect certain production levels would go royalty free and thatw is the only thing the law said.w it didn't provide other mechanisms for -- >> [inaudible] >> the law does not allow -- >> it sounds like the legislation would have to be changed. >> so it's the conagra's fall. they put it in with the impression this was low-priced oil now when it goes of higher we will collect royalties but we want to keep the industry going because the price of oil was 20 or $30
Mar 21, 2011 9:00am EDT
like from what i've seen before look like pieces of a cruise missile. it's hard for us to confirm exactly what sort of weapon or missile this might be. it's also hard for us to confirm anything that we're being told about what this building was being used for. certainly the people we're with here have just gone inside the building. this lady pulling out more bits of debris. what she's saying is look at this. for them this is proof this building was struck by some kind of a missile. okay. this is still warm. and the writing on it says this equipment contains parts and assemblies sensitive to damage by discharge precaution when using and over here it's hard to read it looks like a serial number on the other side. let's have a look over here. hard to know exactly what it is. being shown something else over here. heavy part of something. this is what people here are telling us, showing us is part of a missile system. let me have a look at this. this is from the outside. certainly seen a few cruise missiles before. certainly it has the look of a weapon of a missile about it. again, can
Mar 22, 2011 6:00am EDT
the u.s. military is getting ready to take an extraordinary step evacuating troops from the island. >>> and i'm kiran chetry. no relief in sight for homeowners. new numbers showing how weak the housing market is. and even more troubling, analysts said we may not have hit bottom yet. "american morning" starts right now. >>> all right. it is tuesday, march 22nd. a lot of news this morning. again, it's been a wild couple of weeks. >> and it's well into the day in japan. already another two earthquakes today. we're well into the 600s in terms of aftershocks and tremors. more concerns there. >> we're going to bring everybody up to date on that. but first, we're going to start with libya. coalition forces hammering moammar gadhafi's forces and positions as the head of forces in libya said the coalition flew 80 missions yesterday more than half of them by countries other than the united states. also saying that the dictator's momentum has been stopped, at least for now. but in misrata, which is a key city two hours east of tripoli, people are saying that civilians are still being massacre
Mar 30, 2011 12:00pm PDT
. >>> the storms may be behind us but now new concerns shine now that the sun is back. there have been a bunch of landslides across the bay area we have been telling you about for days and several homes are falling apart. kiet do shows us one woman's disaster in the south bay. >>> reporter: for home owners in this south san jose neighborhood, it's a disaster unfolding in slow motion. >> it's coming, and it's just going straight down. it be there down at the people's house down below if it keeps going. >> reporter: she has lived here just off almaden road all her life and above the backyard, the soil is slipping and toppling trees on her roof. the back lawn used to be flat but it broke off and sunk fleet. it's all going downhill literally inch by inch. >> what about my land? my land hour moving -- is moving hourly. >> reporter: a large chunk of the hill say the has dragged down power lines, ruptured a natural gas line and eat any way at the roll. the tan colored two-story home belongs to a woman and the ground around it has given way exposing the home's foundation. retaining walls are cracking
Mar 21, 2011 2:30pm PDT
book distributions over the course of the year. we have approximately a 85% use rate, meaning we get these yellow pages dropped off in plastic bags, in the lobbies of buildings, that we are asked to distribute, and approximately 50% of those who go to places to want to them. that is a certain number of books per distribution that are not used. even two times per year, that would be 1400, or over 10,000 yellow pages books that are not being used. the one thing i would have to say also is one thing we are challenged with is getting to zero ways, and we want to bring our overall operations, -- we want to green our operations. for the tenants who live in the buildings, we would be more than happy to provide information to our tenants and to the distributors so that the folks who really want them actually get them. and the final thing that i have to say as a director property management is the one thing that remains after the tenant leaves is the yellow pages. in thank you. president chiu: before the next person, let me call of the next number of yellow speaker cards. -- let me call u
Mar 28, 2011 10:00am EDT
and the impact on the u.s. speakers include former as administration official, from the american enterprise institute. and later today, president obama will address the nation on libya, scheduled for 7:30 eastern. we will have live on c-span along with your phone calls. >> tonight, perspectives on the proposed deal between at&t and t-mobile. an antitrust attorney as long whipand the impact on the wireless industry, what the deal faces in the justice department and the potential impact on consumers. ""the communicators" on c-span 2. the c-span networks provide coverage of politics, nonfiction books, american history. all available on television radio, online, and on social media networking sites. content any time through the c- span video library. we have the digital bus local content vehicle bringing resources to your community. it is washington your way, the c-span networks now available in more than 100 million homes. created by cable provided as a public service. >> apportioned from the annual women in the world summit. you'll hear from tina brown editor and chief of newsweek and the da
Mar 22, 2011 7:00am PDT >>> good morning. breaking news. a u.s. war plane crashes in libya but the americans are board are said to be safe after a third night of attacks on tripoli and growing diplomatic battles who should take the lead in this mission. we will get the latest from libya and talk with senator john mccain about what is next for the u.s. and its allies. >>> fallout fears. japanese officials say the struggle to control leaking radiation at a crippled nuclear plant could go on for weeks as water in one of the storage pools becomes dangerously hot. concerns continue to grow over radiation leaking into the food and water supply while the death toll continues to skyrocket, "early" this tuesday morning, march 22nd, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "the early show" here on a tuesday morning. chris wragge along with erica hill. you're seeing pictures of an f-15 eagle strike down over libya late last night. >> breaking news we are following this morning. we want to get you the very late evidentest on that american fighter jet. you can see it crashed and what happened to the two on bors, david
Mar 15, 2011 5:00pm EDT
on a scale of 127 used to rate nuclear disasters previously -- on a scale of one to seven, previously used to rate disasters that only rated linganore levels. >> the u.s. has already conducted helicopter missions along the battered coastline and found a few isolated communities of survivors. >> wease alan -- we found essentially hundreds of people, 100 at this place, to wonder at this place. it is just a matter of getting them out -- 200 at this place. it is just a matter of getting them out. >> the u.s. carrier ronald reagan is still off the shore of japan launching aircraft loaded with supplies. but the shift moved further on tuesday after some crewmembers tested positive for low levels of radiation. -- further out to sea after some crewmembers tested for low levels of radiation european pet energy officials are applying stress tests to their plant and germany officials have switched off some of their plants, one of them permanently. >> the nuclear crisis in japan comes just as america had finally started to get past its discomfort with nuclear power, caused more than 30 years ago by thr
FOX News
Mar 21, 2011 7:00pm EDT
? and in japan nuclear chaos. tonight, how the newest trouble forced workers and the u.s. navy to clear the area. first from fox this monday night, the desperation tactics of muammar qaddafi. we are seeing new evidence that the dictator is using human shields to keep international coalition to keep from hitting key targets. this as america unleashes fireplace in yet another conflict in the middle east. this, the scene over tripoli just hours ago as antiaircraft fire streak through the night's sky, searching for any coalition aircraft. allied military leaders have been working to establish a no-fly zone over libya. in an effort to prevent qaddafi from attacking his own people. commanders are also targeting libyan troops who threaten civilians they tell us. we are told war planes focused a lot of their fireplace near the eastern city of benghazi, carrier jets reportedly dropped at least 12 bombs there overnight. >> and through a variety of reports, we know that regime ground forces that were in the vicinity of benghazi now possess little will or capability to resume offensive operations. >> u.s. a
Mar 21, 2011 12:00pm EDT
in tripoli as the air assault continues, there are questions and concerns about what role the u.s. will may in in the operations going forward. the pentagon insists the u.s. forces will have a limited role, but are not clarifying the mission. >> it is unwise to set a specific goal, things that you may or may not be able to chief. >> president obama's walking a political tight rope. focusing on his domestic agenda while facing questions about his decision to authorize force. >> we are answering the calls of a threatened people and we're acting in the interests of the united states and the world. >> it is distracting us from what's going on in bahrain, what's going on in syria where repressive governments are cracking down on peaceful dissent. >> and criticism from both sides of the aisle. leb rals led by dennis kucinich, jerrold nadler and maxine waters raise constitutional objections. conservatives said the president waited too long to act. >> i regret that we didn't act much more quickly, but that's not the point now. the point is let's get behind the effort. >> and then there's the questi
FOX News
Mar 21, 2011 9:00am EDT
you for watching us. every moment you can not miss. >> steve: we do know that three of us will be back tomorrow on tuesday and we hope to see you then. >> brian: bye, everybody. bill: all right, thank you guys. good morning, everybody! first up today, breaking news out of japan, a possible setback at the nuclear plant, and we have new images of smoke rising from at least one, maybe two, of the six reactors. those brave japanese workers, now being evacuated yet again, efforts to cool the overheating reactor are on hold. the crisis to preventing possible meltdown not over just yet. we'll have the latest from japan in a matter of moments here. >>> in the meantime, another fox news alert, allied forces striking libya again. this is overnight videotape from the u.s. navy, a u.s. coalition launching two nights of punishing air attacks targeting mommar gadhafi's forces, b52 bombers, jet fighters, more than 120 tom hawk cruise missiles, scattering progovernment forces on the ground in libya, the long time leader vowing a long war ahead. good morning, everybody. we've got it all covered for you
Mar 21, 2011 6:00am EDT
as u.s. and european countries continue pounding targets across -- targets across lib yeah. linda so is standing -- libya. linda so is standing by with the latest. >> reporter: he is vowing to fight long war but there's a strong message that he is not safe. u.s. and allied forces struck his compound just yards from his tent. the u.s. says he was not a target but the goal was to take out his military capabilities. it's unclear where he was during the attack. this is the second day of air strikes. international force pound the targets with cruise missiles stealth bombers and fighter jets. the u.s. says a no-fly zone is in place and will hand over control of the military operation to a european or nato led coalition in days. >> we will continue to support the coalition. we will be a member of the coalition. we will have a military role in the coalition. but we will not have the preeminent role. >> reporter: a u.s. official says he is not sure how long this military effort in libya will last or if qaddafi will step down. if you go to, we have posted the latest on the main pa
Mar 21, 2011 1:00pm EDT
of action, now comes the patrolling of a no-fly zone over libya. that's the word from africa. u.s. military's africa command describes phase two of an allied campaign to protect libyan civilians from their own government. the action phase include add cruise missile strike on the heart of moammar gadhafi's compound in tripoli. libyan officials say no one was hurt, and the allies say gadhafi is not being targeted. the bombed out building supposedly house add military command and control center. after well over 100 missile launches on saturday, an efricon spokesman says operation odyssey dawn as it's called may have peaked. nine other members and nato may take the lead, though that is still being decide. and libyan fighters are still on the move. word from misrata east of tripoli, gadhafi's tanks unleashed absolute destruction and carnage. a witness says they are shooting people in the main street. an exclusive cnn poll finds broad american support for the allied mission. more than 80% say protecting libyans from their longtime dictator should be a somewhat or very important goal of the u.s. b
Mar 22, 2011 7:00am EDT
,, >>> breaking news. a u.s. warplane crashes in libya, but the americans on board are said to be safe, this after a third night of attacks on tripoli in growing diplomatic battles on who should take the lead. we'll talk with senator john mccain about what's next for the u.s. and its allies. >>> and fallout fears. japanese officials say the struggle to control leaking radiation at a crippled nuclear plant could go on for weeks as water in a store annual pool becomes dangerously hot. concerns grow while the death toll continues to sky rocket early this tuesday morning march toll continues to sky rocket early this tuesday morning march 22nd, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "the early show." chris wragge along with erica hill. you're seeing pictures of an f-15-e strike eagle down over libya late last night. >> and that is the breaking news we're following this morning. we want to get you the latest on that american fighter jet. it did crash. what happened to the two on board? david martin joins us from the pentagon with the latest. >> reporter: the headline is tha
Mar 18, 2011 10:00am EDT
libya. what it could mean for u.s. military. computer hackers targeting celeb's private e-mail files and compromising pictures. now a federal investigation is under way. >>> let's start with moammar gadhafi changing course in response to the u.n. security council vote to impose a no-fly zone over libya and use all necessary measures to protect civilians. a no-fly zone could bring the u.s. military into libya with air strikes. some people are questioning, does this mean a third military engagement for an already-pressed u.s. military? gadhafi has imposed a cease-fire halting all military operations. this is a complete 180 for the leader who promised fierce attacks if libya was bombed. "the new york times" says four of its journalists who were reported missing in libya have been found. "the times" said all four were captured by forces loyal to gadhafi and will be released. we'll keep you posted on developments in this story. >>> that frantic battle to contain a nuclear situation growing more serious by the moment. japan is asking the u.s. for help and a very, very small part
Mar 21, 2011 10:00pm PDT
us the cost of removing each of the remaining boats range from 1,500 to $3,000. he hopes to have all the boats removed by april 1st. reporting live in marin county, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> meantime, south of the bay area at the santa cruz harbor, crews pulled out four more boats following the japan quake. crews were out using sonar equipment to lose for any debris in the harbor. the tsunami surge cost an estimated $26 million in damage to the harbor and boats. >>> on this first full day of spring, it looks still very much like the dead of winter in the high sierra. the latest storm dumped several feet of fresh snow in the mountains. they received 3 feet of new snow over a 24 hour period this weekend. mike desalle shows us how much snow he found in p placer county. >> reporter: to give you a perspective of how much snow there is. i am now on serene lake. you may see a fence right now, that's not the second -- that's not the fence to the house, that's the second floor. >>> in arizona, federal judge today ordered the suspect in the tucson shooting rampage to undergo a menta
Mar 21, 2011 6:00am EDT
at capitol hill. it is monday, march 21st. with us on set, msnbc and "time" magazine senior political analyst, mark halperin. good to have you. we have adjunct senior fellow for middle east studies at the council on foreign relgsz, dan seymour, good to have you back on the show. and i think the "new york times" headlines is the big question, target clear, inten is the not. >> it says it all, really. >> what is the intent, are we at war, dan? >> we're basically at war. >> basically. that seems to be in dispute. >> in a civil war. >> for the last three weeks we said gadhafi had to go. we hadn't formally taken sides. this weekend, we've taken sides. gadhafi has to go. >> that's not the objective. >> there may be ambiguity. the world will view this as a failed intervention if this ends and goadhafi is still in power. >> he's also committed acts of terror against the united states, pan am flight 103 and will use his oil money to exact revenge on us. for all of those who are so seger to engage in a no-fly zone, like they were playing a video game, then the natural consequences that would come from
Mar 24, 2011 2:30pm PDT
that for us? that would be very encouraging to hear. >> thank you. in our building at 150 golden gate, we build in a ground-floor dining room, and that will be utilized during the duration of the project. commissioner moore: when are you planning to start construction, if i may ask? >> july of next year. commissioner moore: thank you. commissioner olague: i have a couple of questions. i believe that commissioner moore's questions addressed the issue about the lions and the food lines, so i think that's, you know, i'm satisfied with that response. i was wondering the impact that the construction might have on the residence. is there anything that is being done to make sure that their quality of life is not terribly impacted by the construction part of it? >> we have been meeting with the residence over the last several years to address their concerns regarding impacts during construction. we had a meeting last month that reviewed all the city requirements for construction mitigation as well as additional construction mitigation for the eir in terms of noise, tines of work -- times of war,
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